Computer (PC) Support

Is your company still running Windows 98 or 2000? Microsoft is continuously trying to improve upon it's operating system and it may be time for you to upgrade to Windows XP or Vista. We can help your office migrate 5, 10, 20, 50 or more computers from an old worn out Operating System to a new, more stable and user friendly OS.

What we can do to help sort out your software issues:

  • Corporate wide installations of software and configuration.
  • Individual installations and configuration of software.
  • Windows operating system, blue screens..etc.
  • Scheduled maintenance of software to provide the latest security fixes.
  • Setup and maintain files backups.
  • Desktop email and instant messenger support.
  • Internet Explorer and Firefox support and security configuration.
  • Support for Windows Office programs.
  • 3rd party software installs.

Virus Removal

Signs that your computer has been taken over by a computer virus, spyware or adware. Are you infected?

  • Your computer becomes sluggish and runs slower than normal.
  • Your computer crashes or blue screens and restarts unexpectedly.
  • Your computer locks up or stops responding.
  • You are getting a number of popup windows while on the internet.
  • Programs on your computer don't work correctly.
  • Printing fails to work correctly.
  • Your homepage for Internet Explorer has changed not by your choice.
  • Your Disk Drive is continually accesses when the system should be idle.

So you think you may have a virus? Viruses can be very tricky to get rid of and it often takes a number of scans from multiple utility programs to make sure that the virus has been eliminated. At BCI Pro Net, we enjoy the challenge of beating up on the newest virus outbreaks and we provide the best protection possible to keep your systems safe and running at peak performance. The Small Business Community that we support on a daily basis can feel safe as we provide preventative protection to keep those annoying viruses and spyware from entering their computers or network in the first place.

Data Recovery

Has your computer crashed? Did you forget to backup your important files? We can help!

We are a leader in Data recovery!

We service Home PC's and Laptops, as well as network servers and workstations. Unlike other data recovery places, we do NOT charge you if we cannot find any files! So you have nothing to loose by trying.

You can ship your hard drives to us for recovery, no need to ship the entire computer or laptop. When we recover your data, we will send your Hard Drive & the DVD's of your data back to you at no extra cost.
If we cannot recover the data for any reason, you will only pay return shipping if you want the HD back. With BCI Pro Net, you can relax with the knowledge that your data recovery is being done by a Microsoft Certified Professional.

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