Server Support

One sure sign that a Small Business is on it's way up in the world is when they get their first server. A network links computers and the internet together, but a server allows the computers on the network to share files based on the security policies assigned. A server or multiple servers can also handle email, databases, remote access and websites.

At BCI Pro Net, we have watched as some of our clients have gone from 2-5 computer offices to 10-20 computer offices with 2-3 servers. It's been incredible seeing the growth of these clients. We hope to help more customers grow their small businesses in the years to come.

How BCI Pro Net can help you with your Server Support needs:

  • Assess your current office setup and assist in new server purchase.
  • Setup and maintain user accounts and group policies
  • Install and maintain a Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Import documents from workstations to server user folders.
  • Assign permissions to files and folders on the server
  • Setup strong password standards to strengthen network security.
  • Install and configure centralized Anti-Virus and Spam protection.
  • Setup VPN and remote access for users when out of the office.
  • Setup and configure server/client backups.

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