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At BCI Pro Net, we have been known for our skilled work on computers and servers, but now we are finally getting recognition for the work we have been doing on our client's websites. We use up-to-date HTML and CSS coding to make sure our client's sites are compliant with the World Wide Web standards.

Whether you're looking for a website makeover or you need a completely new website designed from the ground up, BCI Pro Net can handle your project. All of our designs are unique, one-of-a-kind, constructed as your corporate face to the world.

Small business owners are our primary clients, and we want to help their businesses grow bigger! Some businesses still use the Yellow Pages as their main source of new business leads and that's fine, but if you really want to grow, you need a good website with lots of traffic. That's where we come in. We can build you a quality, well designed website based on your company and it's goals which can be optimized to draw in a considerable amount of website traffic and act as your 24/7 sales person 365 days a year.

Web site Optimization is included!

This is really a two-phase operation:

  1. Optimization of the website metatags and content for search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Optimization of look and feel and content for visitor "optimization."

The first gets your web site listed highly in the search engines and allows your site to be accessed by potential clients from these search engines, and the second converts your visitors into clients. Most SEO firms omit this important second step but, we want you to get more customers, not just more visitors!

Search Engine Optimization

BCI specializes in driving traffic to your web site from the search engines. This is a complex process involving optimization of page content, submission to various directories and search engines, and the function of obtaining backlinks from 3rd party web sites. This combination and a methodical approach over time ensures the best possibility of high page rank for your web site.

Visitor Optimization:

A great deal of research has been performed on how to convert visitors into customers. This was done initially for the "PPC" industry where companies and individuals pay an amount of money each time their ad is clicked. As this can be in the tens of dollars per click, and therefore, adds up into hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in advertising expense each month, companies sought to get a higher return on their investment by studying what makes visitors perform a certain action, such as contacting the owner, purchasing a product, or signing up for a newsletter.

After our SEO (search engine optimization) experts have thoroughly optimized your web site, our experienced PPC team will inspect your web site to ensure you receive the maximum return on your investment, ensuring both visitors and customers from your web site.

Website / Internet Marketing

Website more commonly known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

In addition to optimization of the web site, to achieve high ranking on Google® and similar directories, your web site must be recommended by other web sites. "Recommendations" are actually links from third-party web sites pointing to yours. The 3rd party web sites can be other search engines, directories, trade directories, video web sites such as YouTube.com, etc., bogs, forums, social bookmarks and viral applications. Our SEO/SEM packages all include this function.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC):

BCI offers PPC management to ensure your providers stay honest, and you receive maximum return on your investment. We use the industry standard tracking program to ensure you only pay for legitimate clicks on your ads, and our team of experts custom designs ads to ensure potential visitors will not click the ad just to find out what you are offering on your web site, and by custom designing each landing page, they will ensure you receive the maximum number of conversions of visitors to customers.

Our rates are amongst the cheapest in the industry but, don't let our prices fool you! We are leaders in the industry!

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